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Merch Services

Merch Services

Everybody loves Merch. Branded merchandise will not only give your event an added touch of professionalism but it will also provide a piece of physical memorabilia that your patrons can wear for years after your event took place. Long gone are the days where a band or dj would have to fork over cash to pre-order various size tees, lug them to the event, and have a merch table set up to hopefully sell those items to fans. We live in the digital age and now the name of the game is “drop shipping”!

If you don’t know what drop shipping is the concept is simple. You don’t have pre-order or pre-pay for a thing. The items you want to sell are listed on a web store. You share the link to your store with your fans on social media and promo material. If a fan wants to buy one of your items they order and pay for it in the online store. The order is sent to the printer and the item is sent directly over to the customer. You don’t have to worry about inventory or payment processors.

Sounds great, right? Well it gets even better. At FluxGate88 we do all the technical work for you. You don’t need to have a website, nor an account with the printer or evenĀ  an account with the credit card companies to complete your order. We provide a simple solution to your Merchandise needs and it goes like this:

  1. Select the items you want to offer to your fans/event patrons. (Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Hats, Tote Bags, or Phone Cases)
  2. You send us the artwork you want to be printed on the selected merchandise. (We specify the proper format and sizes for each item)
  3. We build a webpage with the items you want to sell and send you the link.
  4. You share the link with your attendees and fans.
  5. We handle all payment methods and have the items shipped directly to your customers. At the end of the month we send you your cut of the profits for the items that sold and we take our cut for handling the back end.

It’s that simple!

If you are interested in selling Merchandise for one of your upcoming events Send Us A Message to discuss your options.

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