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Event Production & Party Planning

Most people don’t realize how much time and creative effort goes into executing a successful event or party. It all starts with an idea, a concept, a reason for bringing people together. Then progress through the logistics of coordinating all the specif components, and culminates in the actual event. The entire process can be daunting…
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Lighting Design

Lights are the subconscious life blood of every event. Sometimes they are a key component in the performance and other times they are the simple atmospheric flavor that sets the mood of the party. We can handle any job from club and restaurant installs to specific event lighting for djs or theater performances. We feel…
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Live Sound

All too often the sound at most events is mediocre at best, and lets face it when you go to see a band play, watch a dj spin, or listen to a lecturer speak you want to hear good clean dynamic sound. Whether you are looking for loud tight  banging club sound, or clean pristine…
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DJ – Braxas

You might not be familiar with the name Braxas but that isn’t because he hasn’t been a staple in the dance music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is more likely because Braxas is an audible-shape-shifting-chameleon who has performed under various names over the past 9 years. You might have known him as Milliways,…
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Studio Photography

Photos are everywhere these days and every successful DJ, band, and promoter needs to utilize the concept of “a picture is worth a thousand words” to solidify their brand. You can just grab your iPhone and take a few random snaps like 80% of your friends do but we feel if you want to rise…
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Merch Services

Everybody loves Merch. Branded merchandise will not only give your event an added touch of professionalism but it will also provide a piece of physical memorabilia that your patrons can wear for years after your event took place. Long gone are the days where a band or dj would have to fork over cash to…
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