San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philadelphia


If you seek the deep…look no further.

Deep state is a Deep Progressive House & Deep Tech party hosted by resident dj Braxas and featuring local favorites and renowned international underground DJs.

As deep house becomes more and more main stream underground DJs and producers strive to dive deeper and deeper with their tracks. In some instances that means producing tracks that are more minimal and in other instances it means adding sophistication to their rhythmic progressions. In the end it’s hard to say what makes a track deep. With all things in the House genre it’s all about a feeling. And the feeling that this event strives to portray is a deep, thick, sophisticated, driving rendition of House Music.

“As I became more and more educated and exposed to deep house I started digging for deeper and deeper tracks. The groves I sought after were laden with deep bass and progressive overtones. The melodies were more challenging and the high end of the tracks began to fade away. Their are less buildups, less things to assault your ear drums, less vocals. The tracks are driven by the low end and they progressively pull you into the deep waters of the dance floor. This is what Deep Prog and Tech House means to me. Words don’t do it justice so all I can say is come on out and listen” – Braxas

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